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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I want to be the piano

And how could I listen without wanting to be with them,
And how could I have thought that I was ever alone?

I love watching the Watkins when there rocking with Garza
I want to be part of the band though
and when Mr. Tench is on the bench
I want to be the piano

I feel like singing and drinking and stuff
and I don't wanna care if I stumble or cry
Handle me like family and that'll be enough,
to keep me from dying when I want to die.

When over the rainbow's too far
go to Lar-go to Lar-go to Largo

When over the rainbow's too far
go to Lar-go to Lar-go to Largo

Wish there are Flanagan, Ellen, Guillermo, Loretta, Bob, Jon, Palmer, Sarah. Leisz, Sean, and Mr Tench for me.

Wish there is a Largo club for me to go to.

Wish there is a song I can sing.

Keep me from dying when I want to die.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Infinity plus one

It's been quite a while. Yeah.

I have many things to tell and to rant but somehow, being hooked to Twitter make me feel like ranting less. 

So maybe there will be more song sharing here. This one is about mathematician faling in love with a write, or so they say in the comment section where I read about this song meaning and what it's about.

I love those parts particularly but the whole song is amazing.

The pass of your poem is to swathe me in your knowing 
And the beauty of the word is that you don't have to show it

I'm greater than x and lesser than y
so why is it That I still can't catch your eye? 

You're a cryptic crossword, a song I've never heard 
While I sit here drawing circles I'm afraid of being hurt

And if I am a number I'm infinity plus one 
And if you are five words you are afraid to be the one 
And if you are a number you're infinity plus one 
And if I am four words then I am needing all your love

Nerds fall in love too.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall in love with yourself

Why do you care what people think?
Are you hooked up to their leash? 
You know anklebiters ate up your personality. 

What do you actually expect? 
A broken mirror to reflect? 
You know, anklebiters gave you a false perception. 

Fall in love with yourself. 
Because someday you’re gonna be 
The only one you’ve got. 
Someday you’re gonna be 
The only one you’ve got. 

Why you wanna please the world 
And leave yourself to drop dead? 
Someday you’re gonna be 
The only one you’ve got. 

Anklebiters! Anklebiters! 
Someday you’re gonna be alone! 

When they try to bite our ankle again, maybe we can try kicking their sorry face away.

Monday, November 3, 2014


It feels like mutual understanding is rather rare nowadays. I have yet to see people or a group of people or even a community that really understands each other up to the extent they stop hurting.

"You hold the answers deep within your own mind. 
Consciously, you've forgotten it. 
That's the way the human mind works. 
Whenever something is too unpleasant, 
to shameful for us to entertain, we reject it. 
We erase it from our memories. 
But the imprint is always there."
Evanescence - Understanding

Nice. Maybe we can even select which one of our friends for us to remember, and which ones to forget, just because they are unpleasant? Humans are disgusting sometimes.

But the beauty of the mystery lies within itself. Human mind is brave enough to explore, at some rate. Yet it always afraid.

It's true. We are afraid of things we don't know and what we are not part of. We don't understand, so we reject them to keep them away.

So as to make sure we are safe from harm they may bring, or maybe safe from nothing at all. Those somethings that may not even exist.

But hey, at least we are comfortable, to be around things we know, so as to live in a rather closed home, than to explore the outside world.

It may be dangerous out there, dear. We said. 
They might hurt us, dear. We said. 
We say about those we don't know about.

We are human. Misunderstanding everything. That's what we do best.

Ever wonder why there are many problems?
Listening half, understanding quarter, telling double.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Real Culprit

With all the great minds today, there are those, people. They who brought in cases, and they think a lot to find good arguments to counter each other.

They debate, they present their points, they are the intellects.

So many theories and philosophies, so many schools of thinking. They question everything. They answer everything.

And then they ask why can't the world and people unite.

Sometimes I do truly think those people are the real, genuine, evil culprit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sea Them People

Remember when you swim in the sea of people
Sea of people you know
And now that they're gone and you wonder
You wonder where they go

You get back to the shore
You want to make sure
That you're in the right sea
Sea of people you know

Suddenly you know now
That you're somehow
At the wrong place to be

For a reason you might say
Why you cannot stay
And you have to walk away

Swim around find a new home
Sea them people
See who they are
Move on and discover

How does it feel drowned in a sea of new people?
And being left out by your own
You are not one of either of them

So now you know you're alone
You know you can still breathe
The air is a lot fresher, no?

It shouldn't take you long to realize
That the best companion you can ever have
Your best companion is indeed,


Why? Oh, you!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

To love or to hate?

Love life.
People however, you can choose.

You may hear it as selfishness.
But believe me my dear, love yourself before you try to love anyone else.
Selflessness is also a kind of selfishness.
At least to yourself.

We love you if you love yourself, and us after.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

30 hours a day, nine days a week

One day, a desperate man came to see God, as he couldn't think of anything or anyone else could help him. He was so miserable and depressed. God calmed him down and told him to be patient.

"What brings you here?" God asked.
"I have a lot of things to do but I just don't have enough time," said the man.
"How much time did I already gave you on earth?" God asked again.
"24 hours a day, seven days a week," the man answered.
"Not enough? Hurmmm... I will send you to a realm where there is 30 hours a day, nine days a week. Finish your tasks there," said God to which the man replied, "Thank you."

After several weeks of the realm's time, God went to see the man if he had already finished with his tasks.

He hadn't!

"OH MY SELF! How did THAT get in here?" God face-palmed himself in disbelief as he saw the man was looking helplessly at his unfinished works, with Procrastination right beside him.

Dat perfect example of.... me? God, please help.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fun song

What the hell do I do that for?
You're just another guy.
Okay you're kinda sexy.
But you're NOT really special.

When there is not much to rant about, maybe sharing lyrics and thoughts about a song suits this blog. Also, the more assuring stuff to put up.

I remember liking this song quite a while back. It never fail to make me feel like this song is super fun. Anyway, just watch the video for the lulz.

You, you're not really special. Just, not.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sometimes... is just unfair.

How to wake up every day and live, 
requires more willpower than to die. 

As for dying just requires us to close the opened eyes. 
Stop the heart from beating, 
stop the nose from breathing, 
stop the mind from thinking, 
and stop the soul from believing. 

you almost die.

To live is to wish. 
To face the world that hungers from your despair. 
The people who eat your fears, 
drink your tears, 
and whisper sorrows in your ears.

Give up. 
That's the easy way out. 
And you'll be out.

While others are striving greatly to win, 
the game of life, 
giving up is not the proper answer.


Just don't.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Death Comes Knocking

*This is an old entry that I removed from my other blog so as to make space (?) and I think rather than make it closed, I think death stories should be told so that people be more aware of it. Look at your windows. have you never seen death there?

As if you have windows at all to sneak peek. Death is peeking at you.*


I heard the news carried by the night
the electromagnetic waves translated into bytes
in the form of letters on the wall
of my facebook profile

The two people in my life
faraway but they are family
I don't eat their meal a lot
but the youngest daughter is quite a friend to me

Early morning after fajr prayer
Death comes knocking and they answer
the man off the street lucky but the wife was not
twice hit by blind drivers

ah, the drivers...
maybe they didn't see well in the morning
maybe the(ir) fear was ultimately blinding
maybe conscience went away slipping
maybe they were just, blind

and one is gone but not forever
waiting for her love in the hereafter
God called her and she obeyed
part of her though with her man stayed.

what happened had happened
can't stop it from happening
who lived still lives
can't die it from living

(I always) believe in God who will keep her safe
the ending is forgiveness full of love and grace

Do you even have to... think?

Thursday, October 2, 2014


It means different things to different people.
But whether to friendly rivalry or fight to the death,
the end result is the same.
There will be winners,
and there will be losers.
Of course the trick is to know which battles to fight.
You see, no victory comes without a price.
*rather repetitive? lol yeah

Everyone's a sinner.
They know what they are doing is wrong and feel guilty about it.
But most sinners share the same thing in common.
They save the guilt for later.

Of course not everyone feels guilt over the bad things they do.
In contrast, there are others who assume more than their share on the blame.
There are others who soothes their consciences with small acts of kindness.
Some tell themselves the sins are justifying.
Finally there are the ones who simply vow to do better next time and pray for forgiveness. Sometimes their prayers are answered.

Not mine. Quoted.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Competition (quoted)

Competition. It means different things to different people. But whether to friendly rivalry or fight to the death, the end result is the same. 

There will be winners, and there will be losers.

Of course the trick is to know which battles to fight. You see, no victory comes without a price.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Silence and the Crowd

Provided that,
everything else is perfectly safe and sound,
well might not be as perfect,
but at least seemingly fine.

Silence is the best companion to have,
she never judges you for not speaking out,
and you don't have to answer to calls,
being alone and left untouched,
by the searing hands.

Silence is a friend,
she is a sincere listener,
not going to ask a single thing,
not going to question your questioning,
Silence always listens.

Silence and the Crowd,
those two are not nemesis,
Crowd is not your enemy,
he is just different.

While everyone enjoys Crowds company,
Silence is always left behind,
thought of being alone and left out,

Through Crowd we learn to laugh,
Silence taught us to smile,
and be tough.

Hanging around with Silence,
people misunderstood,
He hates us, He doesn't want to be with us,
Let us go without Him, don't bother asking.

As the Crowd shall say nothing,
though he might be loud,
Silence's screams shatter,
His heart,
and the Crowd can never fix,
a single broken piece,
hurt by his voice,
deeper than His bones,
closer than His veins,
ringing in the ears,
Silence and the Crowd,
sings a harmony
that He and no one ever will,
listen to.

Silence cannot be misquoted.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Humans are born with spikes. Maybe not every single human has it, but certainly I do.

It's not huge but it's sharp enough to hurt. It hurts real bad. It is so severe that it can almost lethally injure people.

And the worst part is, the injuries inflicted by my spikes hurt me as well.


As human gets closer to each other, the spikes will start to show. At first it's just a normal sight of some spiky thingy around someone that will not hurt at all.

But once they reached a certain degree of closeness, the spikes start touching. The mere touch from the spikes might be shocking. No one would ever thought it hurts that much already. First time contact and it hurts a lot.

People's hearts are tied by a bond. This bond is going to get them closer by each second. And by each second the spikes pierce through the skin, and the hearts are hurt, cut deeper by each seconds.

Love ties everything together, but it breaks when the hearts die from the poison of the spikes. Hands are no longer held together. Humans break free. They grow apart. Further by a distance.

Only when the spikes numbs the heart, making it lives while being dead at the same time, because the love between the hearts is immortalizing what's inside, and it lingers on.

Spikes shall not severe the love blooming in the hearts.
Spikes make the hearts bloom even more.
Spikes hurt no more.
Spikes heal with time.
Spikes pushed people away.
Spikes pull them together again.


Spikes defined.

Monday, September 15, 2014


We can listen
We can ALWAYS listen.

Just do so as much as we can.
It's good.
It's okay.

Whatever we might hear
We might like or despise
We can still listen
Nothing is wrong with that.

Remind ourselves about propagating
Things people might not like
Thing we might not like
Stuff that might results in something bad.

Let it propagate not
At least not from your mouth
Be it war unleashed from a spoken word propagated
God forbid it's uttered from you.

As much as a word can hurt
That damn propagated ominous syllables
Reaching ears from uncovered mouths
Sinful and bleeding.

Till the day it is silenced forever
Propagated words lingers
Carrying the evil deeds it did

And do so remember
It works the other way around
The reverse is true
As well.

Spread the love and thoughtful thoughts
Propagate the kind and the soothing voice
Let the pouring words heals the wound
Live on and on.

Say things in silence.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Saboteur

Do you know who is The Saboteur?
He who makes your life difficult.
He makes your friends hate you.
He makes you hate yourself.

That's what he does.
Had always been like that,
Since forever to eternity.

The Saboteur will make you think by being close to someone, you can open everything up.
The Saboteur then will make all those tales a weapon against you.
Before you know it, the people in the circle dies, one by one.

No he doesn't make you the killer.
He kills you with what you show and what you say.

But you are not gonna die. The Saboteur doesn't work like that.
He makes you suffer, which is more painful than death itself.

Living in the world, surrounded by people you hate, or people who hates you,
all because of The Saboteur, is like hell
But all is well,
The Saboteur will keep you company.

For as every time it ends, it begins.
You will meet new people.
And The Saboteur will work again.

You can't kill the Saboteur.
The Saboteur is in you.
But you may slap him across his face and force him to bow to you.
You wonder if you're strong enough.

Which you know it by yourself too well
You doubt it, don't you?
It's endless, too.

Some people call him Attitude.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Set Us Free

Freedom doesn't come with a price.
It's free.

Enslavement however, is not as nice
but we buy it, nonetheless
with quite an expensive price
we paid

By being a slave, we are bound to the master
we keep up with whatever the master has to offer

We live to worship everything around us
for everything is our lord

We live in debt
We live in doubt
We live in lies
Where freedom dies

But the truth is,
freedom is eternal

We work hard for it
so we deserve it.
Or do we really?

What binds you as you live?
Entangling your feet
to the earthly shallow ground
drowning you in the murkiest of depths

Now tell me dear,
what sets you free other than the ending
of a sorrowful beginning

We never really are free
until the day Death comes to visit
as we welcome It with open hands

Then we might eventually see
The liberation from the shackling world
To really being free
When we left it all behind

Happy Independence Day. Let's be independent, okayhhh?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Unrecognized Me

No, I will not.
I will not change me
for you.

Why would I bother
changing what I posted on Facebook
making clever posts
talking about the latest issues
using proper grammar
meticulously checking my spelling
for you

I don't think I will
do anything anytime anywhere anyhow
for you

I wear the t-shirts I bought from a cheap bundle shop
I don't buy expensive perfumes
I cover my feet with slippers
I use my fingers to do my hair
I do stuff I like and comfortable with
Certainly for me and not
for you

If life is changing and I have to, too
maybe I will.
But never will I change a thing
for you

It is never for you
I am not born to impress you
I don't live up to the your expectation
As if you live up to mine
So which standard are you using to judge me
While I never do so
to you

Should I be apologizing
and saying that I am
sorry that I can't be the most perfect
to you


Would you mind recognizing
me and my love
for you

In the imperfect way of it was
As how it is and always will be
for You.

Aren't you, too?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dreaming dreams

Close your eyes and dream
Dream on as you live 
as dead man can't dream anymore

Dream, dream big or small
Dream about some, dream about all
Dream of climbing up or downfall
Dream. Just dream.

It doesn't matter
If you dream and it ends

You are not obliged to bring your dreams to reality
You may born a fish and you dream to climb a tree
Don't ever stop dreaming even if you are to die in the sea

For what's yours is your dreams
Let it be impossible as it seems

For the least of what you can't have in your life
You can dream and wait for it to arrive

Dream and talk about it and tell it to others
Let them hear your dream even if it is ridiculous
So what if you only dream and talk?
So who are they anyway to even mock?

If you want to dream and a man is telling you not to 
As he says that you can't do what you dreamed to do
You don't have to listen to whatever he says
Just go straight to him and spit on his face

Dream of heaven.
*Hello people of the night.

I hope you do notice the newly added Like/Share button here in this blog. Feel free to click them if you find those rants _____ (fill in the blanks with whatever words you think worth liking).



Saturday, August 23, 2014


No matter how cool a person appears to you,
there's a ticking time bomb inside.

It might not be triggered easily. It might be resilient. It even might be safe.
Yeah, right. "Safe".

But believe me.
It may be activated by the most unthinkable triggers.
So it's better to keep it small and simple.
Don't try to challenge it.

And believe me.
We love explosions in the sky,
not in the heart.
Because it will show,
and no one will like it.

What the heart despises, the tongue slices.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

To accepting things

People are people.
Know this well.

Nothing is and no one is the same as one and another.
Being rational is sometimes difficult.
Even thinking fails at times.

Nothing much is expected from life other than life itself.
And what is more assuring to come other than death?

Sighing is worthless.
A sigh consumes time.
As much as procrastination ruins what time has to offer,
sighing costs just as much.

Be different,
from the typical judgmental bastards lingering around
this world of selfishness
Everyone with their things
kept safe

Be accepting
as there are already too few
who are willing
To giving (up their) things

Sometimes it's hard to, but we ought to.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to make an advice useful

I recently learnt that, there is no need of asking questions over and over again all over the place.
You just need to know what you want to hear.
Truth be told, there is not a single good advice in existence,
only stuff you are comfortable listening to,
you wanna believe it, you hear it, and you take it.

If you have any problem, like, ANY problem, you simply ask yourself first,
"What I really want to hear about this?"
and then start asking around.
When you hear it, you're done.
If you don't, you ask more.

Eventually, when you have a REAL problem,
which in 99.998% cases you already know the answer,
but you refuse to take action because it's simply not the thing you really wanna go with.
Again, it's 99.998% statistically.

So what to do? Instead of looking for answers, you start looking for PEOPLE.
In the end, you will listen to that certain people saying the exact same thing you parents or your friends told you million times.
You just don't want to believe your parents or your friends.
You just have to hear it from that certain people.

I'm not sure the reason behind it.
That certain people must be so very damn special.

Most of the times, you don't even need any advice or answers.
You already knew them all.
You just don't hear it from that certain people yet.
Hence, the questioning.

And that's why dear,
You will NEVER stop questioning the answers you refuse to believe,
because that certain people won't always be there to parrot all the words you wanna hear.
You need to start listening to yourself more, maybe?

The truth is in here, not out there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Sometimes, stuff just needs to go away.
Maybe today.

The longer you keep it, the bigger it gets.

As you think of getting rid of it, it already grow into a monster that you can't fight.
You give in, you lost the battle before it even begins.

Why wait?
Leave it all behind.
Live life and be kind.

Future alive.
Death arrive.
Let's set free.

Longer version of this rant here

Friday, August 8, 2014


How many people out there are not comfortable being around people who they think might be better looking than themselves?

Insecurity much?

Because outer look is important. Sure we don't judge people by their appearance, or do we? We can't see through the heart. We usually see the face before hearing the talk because according to science, light travels faster than sound.

So it's either we born with the skin the world love, and we can feel accepted move around freely or we are given some kind of skin we think the world might hate, and we are bound to hate it too including ourselves. The question is, why must we be affected by it?

Maybe we forget about how a small thing can change everything. Yes, some people are born pretty but everyone can smile unless they are paralyzed. But still, a smile can come from within our hearts and the radiant will glow inside out anyway.

So what's the big deal again?

Ironically, she covered her face while saying that. LOL good message nonetheless.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Getting there

You know the feeling when, you wanna talk about something so embarrassing that you don't even want to post it on social media like you always do? So you choose to make a blog entry about it as you know your blog is not read by that many people.


Of course, when you faced a humiliating situation, but something funny may come out of it, you won't mind sharing that thing. You won't bother caring what people gonna say. You won't be affected.

But somehow, one thing makes you overwhelmed, you wanna cry, you wanna die. But you can't. Because life goes on.

Time will come. Be strong, me.

Courtesy of 9GAG

Such tragedy. Sad. Bad. Feels like crying but it won't take me anywhere so I'll walk and I promise me I'll be there. Soon.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The vicious circle

It's a circle,
A mean cycle.

Tonight I learn about the vicious cycle. The evil that continues on and on and on. Never cease.

Well, the story began with me, trying to get to the ground floor from the 6th floor when there is one retard that used the elevator before me pressed all the floors.

Of course, the elevator went slow mo like an old lady, stopping every now and then on every signle damn floors. I got infuriated. So I too, press all the buttons before stepping out.

And then, a lady goes in. I felt bad, and a bit scared. So I moved quicker leaving the apartment.

Come to think of it, nobody dies for stopping on every floor. So I justified that what I did was harmless. But it saddens me that, I, out of all people, am no different from the retard above.

And that's how folks, there is always bully cases and bullies in schools. These people never cease to exist, as they breed without no one ever noticing. They become exactly what they hate. They do to others exactly things they despise.

It's sad but I'm glad. At least now I know better about being patient against some retarded species that annoys the crap out of me, so that I don't be one.

Vicious cycles are endless, but the least we can do is detaching ourselves from those evil circles, and making no consequences coming out from us.

Om nom nom...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Spoken wrong written long

There are times, when it just came out, wrong?
And you feel like, how am I gonna fix this?

Is it requires fixing?
Or just move on, people makes mistake. Me included. You too. And them.

It may be involving a friend, or a lover, or family, or a teacher, or yourself.
Wrong as it may seems, it can be forgiven.
But it won't be forgotten.
That's what they told me, anyway.

Sorry my dear if it slipped out wrong.
I may not be thinking before saying it or writing it, or delivering the message, or simply showing things thought it might be cool, and funny, and stuff

Or might also just translate into an exaggerated expression of something nonexistent.

Seems to me, I was hurt a lot already that I forgot how to take things seriously so as to make it hurt less.
I thought it was same with everyone.
I might be wrong.

If it is, I'm sorry very much.
Or just ignore if I am overreacting and such.

Tongue tied. LOL

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Why persevere when we can just give up?
And stop struggling against the world.
There's something good coming out of it?

It's hard enough to breathe, let alone the filthy air
It's hard enough to appear, only to be judged and glared
It's hard enough to try, yet everyone just never care
It's hard enough to live, want to die but death's not there.

Well my dear,
Life serves different purposes.

Yours is yours as mine is mine
We shall learn from time to time
Everyday the sun will shine
But still why, we do whine?
The clouds still have their silver lines

I'll tell you from my opinion
As my feelings and yours are different

Separate lives see each other
And they are going to kill each other
So few who live together
Healing wounds of one and another
Sharing thoughts and let them tether
While some are left to suffer
With no one care to ponder
Why is that then, I wonder?

If your heart is pure
Then you just endure

All is gonna end
You'll be fine, my friend

Persevere, and live on.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Judge not

It's really hard not to judge. Especially when we already have something imprinted, tattooed in our mind, about something or someone, and how they should be or do.

Opinions may differ, thoughts may change, and the results always vary.

People say one man's meat is another man's poison. But the truth is, sometimes it's more than just meat and poison. Most of the times, it is about the men themselves.

Celebrating difference is somewhat a mythical legends. We say it out, loud, clear, and sheer. The reality is, we never really mean it.

It's not for me, it must be wrong. -quoted

When we see stuff we don't like, hear stuff we hate, or feels the vibe of things we resent, it's best to stay away from it rather than making a statement.

Because it's not always about us. Maybe they are wrong. But then, what? Are we bound to "save" them from the wrong things they do? People are not gonna listen so why bother?

Even that, is when we are on the divine and definite truth. Tell me, how sure are you about the truth?

Close the eyes, shut the mouth, and stop feeling when it comes to judging people around you. Believe in what you believe in, speak out and spread the thoughts, in the most gracious way you can come out with.

If it's hard, which it is, then let it stay in the heart. Words can't hurt if it is unheard. When you feel hesitated with your words, then it might be best to keep it silent.

Let it happen inside and don't let it go out. Put on the mask and fake a smile. This is for once, hypocrisy is ever considered as a good thing.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Death hole

Nobody wants to die twice, for death is only once
Funny how people tends to go looking into the death hole
Every time they come to live, and die, yet again

Once dead, souls are ripped
And stuffed into bodies once more
As chances are given

Before the real death comes approaching
Where feet can't bring you anywhere further
As ending is true for us, them, me and you

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Nameless Writer 2

We write, by the name
of One, and the same

We write, we claim
self satisfaction, or even fame

As we write, and stop, and write some more
And time passes but we ignore

For words are coming out, or some are stuck inside
The silence we shout unheard, so we write

For the moment we think of us absurd
That's the real thing, the real word

Sometimes we are not agreed,
And for it we bleed,
But if we don't proceed,
When will we succeed?

We learn, we earn.
If we are not humble, we'll be in trouble.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Nameless Writer

One of the things I love is to write.
From doodling legible figures
to scribbling letters
to arranging them in sequences
to forming words
that has meaning to them when joined together
with each other

But still
what does it take to be called
a Writer?

While I don't have the answer to that question,
it might be that,
I am defining Writer wrong?

So as to put myself in a safe state
of not wrongly name myself a Writer
hence it is good

to be a nameless

Small and humble, no one knows you
free from trouble, away from You too
so that I can be, the writer I wanna be
not the Writer, the one You wanna see

Friday, April 18, 2014

Started and Endless

Things went wrong once, and it keeps going wrong, and wrong, and wrong, and wrong, and wrong all over.

Make it once and it must be done all over, all over, all over, all over, all over again.

Because it is easy to ruin a reputation than to build one.
Because it is easy to break a heart than to mend one.
Because it is easy to breach trust than to make one.
Because it is easy to die a life than to live one?

Everything started and becomes endless.
Until it ended by an ending.
That is started when it ends.

Time goes by and souls will die.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Internal debates

Whenever someone annoys you with something, just imagine that you are fighting for your truth with that person.

Just, make it in your head. Don't spill it out.

It might not work when you speak the exact same thing, but the point is, to NOT speaking of that thing. That's why you have this internal debate.

It will save you a lot of work, time, and energy.

No need to argue with people over small things or stuff you can find solution inside your head. If you can settle it in silence, means that it is a small small small matter that should not be bothering you.

You know what you stand for. Thank me for the tips.

Friday, March 21, 2014

End and Okay

Just wanna share something that I think is simple, yet so sweet and can be a good reason to stop a while, and smile, and move on.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Giving up

Sometimes I feel like giving up.

Because life seems too harsh on me now. It's like a Hard mode of a game on a console, with no Save options. Well, life is one way.

But hell, no. If I do wanna give up, why now? Seems like the injustice brought upon the whole world is not just starting from yesterday. It's already here like, since forever?

Then why now? If we are to giving the hell of everything up, why now?

We've been surviving every single day. Why must we give up now? Sure, living the three divine words of NEVER GIVE UP is harder than pronouncing it with the mouth. But then again, we are alive. Alive and kicking.

It feels so heavy to move on, but going back is not an option anyway. Why would you think the eyes are made in front? To look forward of course. This touching quote is from Nobita's sensei, which turns out to be not so touching after all according to Nobita's mother and Doraemon.

But anyway we can always sit down and lie on out back. Take time to stay still and silence. Stop for awhile. But never go back. Look back once in a while so that we don't forget who we were, who we are , and who will we be.

And keep on moving forward.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stupid things are stupid jokes for stupid people

Stupidity is something to laugh at, especially if it is someone else's.

While it is okay to occasionally laugh at something stupid, please be clear that to laugh at a stupid thing requires a lowering of intelligence down to that level of the stupidity.

It's not that bad. Just remember to raise the intelligence back to normal level so that we are practically immune to the same type of stupid jokes.

We make good laugh out of people who make fun out stupid things they do.

People make stupid noises, we laugh.
People do stupid things, we laugh.
People act with stupid actions, we laugh.

It's fine, honestly. But to give those stupid people too much attention, we are actually cultivating stupidity into ourselves and the society. We are appreciating stupid things more that we should.

We make stupid parody out of stupid things other people do. We think it's funny. It's actually funny how we think it's funny, because it is stupid from the beginning.

Stupid things go on and on because people are celebrating them. They don't deserve the precious attention. We can put stupid things to an end by halting it with a little intelligence to just laugh once or twice for appreciating the effort.

Then stop feeding it with attentions. Stop spreading. Stop sharing. Stop making new parodies.

Restore that intelligence.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Wonderfully spoken

Sometimes it's not the everyone you meet can be like, intelligently explaining stuff to you.
Sometimes it's someone you rarely talk to, says the things that touch your heart.
Sometimes stuff coming out from your mouth makes people think.
Sometimes it's the several words you read from somewhere you never care about leaves a permanent mark on your thoughts.

Words, speeches, ideas. Discuss, and you shall see more of them wonderfully spoken, rather than individual contemplation. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Reason

I've been wondering about why I rarely update my blogs nowadays. Is it because I am too lazy or just tired or just simply don't want to share anymore?

And I've been thinking who would actually notice my absence. Even when I know I don't even care about my presence anyway.

Things have changed. Maybe I changed. But the fact is...

I really don't.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Because when you are mad, you can do more stuff than you can imagine.
But most of the time, the not so important stuff that gives you more or less no benefit at all.

But you still do.
It is your madness.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Relapsing fever

The fever of inconsistency with sleeping. Not insomnia. Just some unnecessary action of staying up all night.

If I am my previous self, I think this is a great thing. but now I am the sad and pathetic person, grieving upon my own failure leading to my second destruction.

I don't know what to do but I pretend I do.

What's going on with the world doesn't seem to affect me in any way but somehow I am affected by my previous self's decision and my current self's action about it.

And here I am, sleepless.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thank you caffeine (?)

I just went to a friend's house. They were having this, you know, some kind of event (?) where people cook and eat together, that sort of stuff?

So one of the refreshment I got there was some cups of coffee.

Therefore, here I am, sleepless. It's a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Bad because I need to sleep or else I will be hibernating all day tomorrow. Good because I get to write something on this forsaken blog.


Maybe some of you pray for me to have some good night sleep more often every now and then. Hence I am sleeping soundly and dreaming vividly about my family, (old) friends, teachers, and stuff.

Considering how things goes, I think I really need this. Thanks.