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Friday, October 3, 2014

Death Comes Knocking

*This is an old entry that I removed from my other blog so as to make space (?) and I think rather than make it closed, I think death stories should be told so that people be more aware of it. Look at your windows. have you never seen death there?

As if you have windows at all to sneak peek. Death is peeking at you.*


I heard the news carried by the night
the electromagnetic waves translated into bytes
in the form of letters on the wall
of my facebook profile

The two people in my life
faraway but they are family
I don't eat their meal a lot
but the youngest daughter is quite a friend to me

Early morning after fajr prayer
Death comes knocking and they answer
the man off the street lucky but the wife was not
twice hit by blind drivers

ah, the drivers...
maybe they didn't see well in the morning
maybe the(ir) fear was ultimately blinding
maybe conscience went away slipping
maybe they were just, blind

and one is gone but not forever
waiting for her love in the hereafter
God called her and she obeyed
part of her though with her man stayed.

what happened had happened
can't stop it from happening
who lived still lives
can't die it from living

(I always) believe in God who will keep her safe
the ending is forgiveness full of love and grace

Do you even have to... think?

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