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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Pretty Liar

Oh look at the pretty liar,
spreading words all over.

Whispering to the ear,
what it wants to hear.

Deceiving the eye,
with what it desires.

Lies, lies, everywhere.
Lies, here and there.

Look at me,
I love those lies,
I admire them.

I put the lies under my lip,
and every second I take a sip,
of all the lies drip by drip.

I'm sinking deeper in this ship,
I can't get a single grip,
I'm starting to trip.

Yet here I am standing still,
not giving up the lies away.

My heart and conscience start to ill,
my soul starts to wither away.

Life, and all its lies. Death, and all it's truth

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Divine Walls

And myself inside the walls,
protected from harm.

My feelings enveloped in concrete,
of apathy.

Life outside me,
and death inside it,
who shall be,
shall be it.

And myself buried by the dust,
of hopes and tears and trust,
that fear I must,
to be unjust.

The divine walls of me,
lowered down,
to reach my knee,
I step upon.

The divine walls shall breach,
the enemy comes in,
the walls I raise,
to live again.

Don't come in. You're not invited.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm Not Like You

I'm a selfish fake.

I'm so full of myself.

I'm insensitive.


I'm not like you.

You are different.


What's the difference you ask?


The biggest difference is this one particular thing.

I admit I'm all those.

But you don't.

What can I do anyway?

Friday, April 24, 2015

I should

... be here more often.

Life has been dull lately.
My fault.

To think that things gonna change on its own.
My own lame fault.

Letting the guilt inside to flow,
might help me grow.

To stay as it is,

Truth be told, I miss everyone.
And everything.

Especially a friend of mine.
That particular friend of mine.

And my family.
My hearted family.

Since missing you makes me think about you and I am forgetting about me,
maybe I should start to missing me.