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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Why persevere when we can just give up?
And stop struggling against the world.
There's something good coming out of it?

It's hard enough to breathe, let alone the filthy air
It's hard enough to appear, only to be judged and glared
It's hard enough to try, yet everyone just never care
It's hard enough to live, want to die but death's not there.

Well my dear,
Life serves different purposes.

Yours is yours as mine is mine
We shall learn from time to time
Everyday the sun will shine
But still why, we do whine?
The clouds still have their silver lines

I'll tell you from my opinion
As my feelings and yours are different

Separate lives see each other
And they are going to kill each other
So few who live together
Healing wounds of one and another
Sharing thoughts and let them tether
While some are left to suffer
With no one care to ponder
Why is that then, I wonder?

If your heart is pure
Then you just endure

All is gonna end
You'll be fine, my friend

Persevere, and live on.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Judge not

It's really hard not to judge. Especially when we already have something imprinted, tattooed in our mind, about something or someone, and how they should be or do.

Opinions may differ, thoughts may change, and the results always vary.

People say one man's meat is another man's poison. But the truth is, sometimes it's more than just meat and poison. Most of the times, it is about the men themselves.

Celebrating difference is somewhat a mythical legends. We say it out, loud, clear, and sheer. The reality is, we never really mean it.

It's not for me, it must be wrong. -quoted

When we see stuff we don't like, hear stuff we hate, or feels the vibe of things we resent, it's best to stay away from it rather than making a statement.

Because it's not always about us. Maybe they are wrong. But then, what? Are we bound to "save" them from the wrong things they do? People are not gonna listen so why bother?

Even that, is when we are on the divine and definite truth. Tell me, how sure are you about the truth?

Close the eyes, shut the mouth, and stop feeling when it comes to judging people around you. Believe in what you believe in, speak out and spread the thoughts, in the most gracious way you can come out with.

If it's hard, which it is, then let it stay in the heart. Words can't hurt if it is unheard. When you feel hesitated with your words, then it might be best to keep it silent.

Let it happen inside and don't let it go out. Put on the mask and fake a smile. This is for once, hypocrisy is ever considered as a good thing.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Death hole

Nobody wants to die twice, for death is only once
Funny how people tends to go looking into the death hole
Every time they come to live, and die, yet again

Once dead, souls are ripped
And stuffed into bodies once more
As chances are given

Before the real death comes approaching
Where feet can't bring you anywhere further
As ending is true for us, them, me and you

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Nameless Writer 2

We write, by the name
of One, and the same

We write, we claim
self satisfaction, or even fame

As we write, and stop, and write some more
And time passes but we ignore

For words are coming out, or some are stuck inside
The silence we shout unheard, so we write

For the moment we think of us absurd
That's the real thing, the real word

Sometimes we are not agreed,
And for it we bleed,
But if we don't proceed,
When will we succeed?

We learn, we earn.
If we are not humble, we'll be in trouble.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Nameless Writer

One of the things I love is to write.
From doodling legible figures
to scribbling letters
to arranging them in sequences
to forming words
that has meaning to them when joined together
with each other

But still
what does it take to be called
a Writer?

While I don't have the answer to that question,
it might be that,
I am defining Writer wrong?

So as to put myself in a safe state
of not wrongly name myself a Writer
hence it is good

to be a nameless

Small and humble, no one knows you
free from trouble, away from You too
so that I can be, the writer I wanna be
not the Writer, the one You wanna see