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Friday, August 28, 2015

Let's Rant A Bit

Describing the shit I write.

Yeah so now let's write some more shit, with a lots of I's, and it, talking about shit.

I've been so busy lately, with shits I shouldn't be busy with, but instead of finishing my tasks, I postponed, procrastinated, later later I will do it and now yeah I'm in shit.

Shit, I wrote that word six times already. Wait until the seventh shit comes, I think you already know oh wait...

This is already the eighth shit. Goodness gracious.

I don't know how to describe this anymore. Maybe that's the bestest way to say it. Written in the stars.

I am human. I love excuses. I hate consequences. What else?

But knowing that some people avoided karma, just because that bitch being selective, sometimes I feel bad for calling myself unfortunate.

Am I... unfortunate?

Good god please let me stay sane.

Or actually I can just move my ass and take this shit to wherever deserves it.

The most polite shit pic I can quickly get from google.

I will try my best dealing with this shit.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Can't Kill The Feel

So where have all the feelings gone?
Did they just vanish?

It would be easier to say,
when things were definite,
black or white,
explained by words.

Now everything's grey,
obscured by doubt,
hesitation and uncertainty,
silence keeps the secrets locked away,
in the heart,
deep inside.

Will you hear my silence screams,
if our hearts are one.
if it's true,
that our hearts are one.

Will you ever know
my silence screams your name,
every night?