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Monday, December 7, 2015

I'm Still Breathing, I'm Alive

Last updated September. WHAT??!!

Hahaha it's been a while, people.

It's winter now, night has been longer. As if God is giving extra sleeping hours to people here. Because he is going to take some during summer. Lol.

If there are stuff I have to talk about but I can't do it in the social media due to the need of you know, taking care of some hearts so as not to break them, maybe I should bring it here.

This blog retains the full English usage until now, which is a huge limiting factor for me to rant about things. It's quite good, to refrain me from going too far, I think.

Let's talk about being alive.

Since we all are. You haven't died yet, have you?

Being alive is beautiful to some, and dreadful to some others.

Since living itself needs to be maintained, some people just prefer death instead. This is very irrelevant even in this blog anyway.

Living requires us to be strong and that's fucking tiring.

Some of us wanna settle down, be as soft as jelly, or spread like water, drying away.

For the strong people, who persisted against shits and stuffs, they won't understand. They never will.

As if being weak is wrong. In fact, it is actually wrong. God made us all equally strong. Why would we wanna be weak?

It's not about giving up on life as it is. Like I said, it's tiring.

Since everything is made of shit nowadays, we might want to wash our hands and walk away from these shits.

But we can't. There's the problem.

In the world of expectations, too good for you, can't catch up, left behind, be alone, depressed and held back, feel incapable, hundreds of people way ahead above you, being stepped upon by those bastards up there, yada yada yada.

This is a loser's mentality, not coping with stress and finding a way to strive.

But believe me, this loser is there inside all of us. There is a tiny little spot in our hearts where we wish a peaceful life with nothing to worry about.

But our bodies are trapped in a prison made by us. A world where even humans go against each other. Heck, a person has to go against himself for fuck's sake.

As if we have no place here. You feel me?

I'm sure you do.

You took it out.
But I'm still breathing.
I'm still breathing.
I'm still breathing.
I'm still breathing.

I'm alive.

That's all we need.

I guess it is.

Please notice the Sia reference above.