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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Set Us Free

Freedom doesn't come with a price.
It's free.

Enslavement however, is not as nice
but we buy it, nonetheless
with quite an expensive price
we paid

By being a slave, we are bound to the master
we keep up with whatever the master has to offer

We live to worship everything around us
for everything is our lord

We live in debt
We live in doubt
We live in lies
Where freedom dies

But the truth is,
freedom is eternal

We work hard for it
so we deserve it.
Or do we really?

What binds you as you live?
Entangling your feet
to the earthly shallow ground
drowning you in the murkiest of depths

Now tell me dear,
what sets you free other than the ending
of a sorrowful beginning

We never really are free
until the day Death comes to visit
as we welcome It with open hands

Then we might eventually see
The liberation from the shackling world
To really being free
When we left it all behind

Happy Independence Day. Let's be independent, okayhhh?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Unrecognized Me

No, I will not.
I will not change me
for you.

Why would I bother
changing what I posted on Facebook
making clever posts
talking about the latest issues
using proper grammar
meticulously checking my spelling
for you

I don't think I will
do anything anytime anywhere anyhow
for you

I wear the t-shirts I bought from a cheap bundle shop
I don't buy expensive perfumes
I cover my feet with slippers
I use my fingers to do my hair
I do stuff I like and comfortable with
Certainly for me and not
for you

If life is changing and I have to, too
maybe I will.
But never will I change a thing
for you

It is never for you
I am not born to impress you
I don't live up to the your expectation
As if you live up to mine
So which standard are you using to judge me
While I never do so
to you

Should I be apologizing
and saying that I am
sorry that I can't be the most perfect
to you


Would you mind recognizing
me and my love
for you

In the imperfect way of it was
As how it is and always will be
for You.

Aren't you, too?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dreaming dreams

Close your eyes and dream
Dream on as you live 
as dead man can't dream anymore

Dream, dream big or small
Dream about some, dream about all
Dream of climbing up or downfall
Dream. Just dream.

It doesn't matter
If you dream and it ends

You are not obliged to bring your dreams to reality
You may born a fish and you dream to climb a tree
Don't ever stop dreaming even if you are to die in the sea

For what's yours is your dreams
Let it be impossible as it seems

For the least of what you can't have in your life
You can dream and wait for it to arrive

Dream and talk about it and tell it to others
Let them hear your dream even if it is ridiculous
So what if you only dream and talk?
So who are they anyway to even mock?

If you want to dream and a man is telling you not to 
As he says that you can't do what you dreamed to do
You don't have to listen to whatever he says
Just go straight to him and spit on his face

Dream of heaven.
*Hello people of the night.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014


No matter how cool a person appears to you,
there's a ticking time bomb inside.

It might not be triggered easily. It might be resilient. It even might be safe.
Yeah, right. "Safe".

But believe me.
It may be activated by the most unthinkable triggers.
So it's better to keep it small and simple.
Don't try to challenge it.

And believe me.
We love explosions in the sky,
not in the heart.
Because it will show,
and no one will like it.

What the heart despises, the tongue slices.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

To accepting things

People are people.
Know this well.

Nothing is and no one is the same as one and another.
Being rational is sometimes difficult.
Even thinking fails at times.

Nothing much is expected from life other than life itself.
And what is more assuring to come other than death?

Sighing is worthless.
A sigh consumes time.
As much as procrastination ruins what time has to offer,
sighing costs just as much.

Be different,
from the typical judgmental bastards lingering around
this world of selfishness
Everyone with their things
kept safe

Be accepting
as there are already too few
who are willing
To giving (up their) things

Sometimes it's hard to, but we ought to.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to make an advice useful

I recently learnt that, there is no need of asking questions over and over again all over the place.
You just need to know what you want to hear.
Truth be told, there is not a single good advice in existence,
only stuff you are comfortable listening to,
you wanna believe it, you hear it, and you take it.

If you have any problem, like, ANY problem, you simply ask yourself first,
"What I really want to hear about this?"
and then start asking around.
When you hear it, you're done.
If you don't, you ask more.

Eventually, when you have a REAL problem,
which in 99.998% cases you already know the answer,
but you refuse to take action because it's simply not the thing you really wanna go with.
Again, it's 99.998% statistically.

So what to do? Instead of looking for answers, you start looking for PEOPLE.
In the end, you will listen to that certain people saying the exact same thing you parents or your friends told you million times.
You just don't want to believe your parents or your friends.
You just have to hear it from that certain people.

I'm not sure the reason behind it.
That certain people must be so very damn special.

Most of the times, you don't even need any advice or answers.
You already knew them all.
You just don't hear it from that certain people yet.
Hence, the questioning.

And that's why dear,
You will NEVER stop questioning the answers you refuse to believe,
because that certain people won't always be there to parrot all the words you wanna hear.
You need to start listening to yourself more, maybe?

The truth is in here, not out there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Sometimes, stuff just needs to go away.
Maybe today.

The longer you keep it, the bigger it gets.

As you think of getting rid of it, it already grow into a monster that you can't fight.
You give in, you lost the battle before it even begins.

Why wait?
Leave it all behind.
Live life and be kind.

Future alive.
Death arrive.
Let's set free.

Longer version of this rant here

Friday, August 8, 2014


How many people out there are not comfortable being around people who they think might be better looking than themselves?

Insecurity much?

Because outer look is important. Sure we don't judge people by their appearance, or do we? We can't see through the heart. We usually see the face before hearing the talk because according to science, light travels faster than sound.

So it's either we born with the skin the world love, and we can feel accepted move around freely or we are given some kind of skin we think the world might hate, and we are bound to hate it too including ourselves. The question is, why must we be affected by it?

Maybe we forget about how a small thing can change everything. Yes, some people are born pretty but everyone can smile unless they are paralyzed. But still, a smile can come from within our hearts and the radiant will glow inside out anyway.

So what's the big deal again?

Ironically, she covered her face while saying that. LOL good message nonetheless.