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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Set Us Free

Freedom doesn't come with a price.
It's free.

Enslavement however, is not as nice
but we buy it, nonetheless
with quite an expensive price
we paid

By being a slave, we are bound to the master
we keep up with whatever the master has to offer

We live to worship everything around us
for everything is our lord

We live in debt
We live in doubt
We live in lies
Where freedom dies

But the truth is,
freedom is eternal

We work hard for it
so we deserve it.
Or do we really?

What binds you as you live?
Entangling your feet
to the earthly shallow ground
drowning you in the murkiest of depths

Now tell me dear,
what sets you free other than the ending
of a sorrowful beginning

We never really are free
until the day Death comes to visit
as we welcome It with open hands

Then we might eventually see
The liberation from the shackling world
To really being free
When we left it all behind

Happy Independence Day. Let's be independent, okayhhh?

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