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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to make an advice useful

I recently learnt that, there is no need of asking questions over and over again all over the place.
You just need to know what you want to hear.
Truth be told, there is not a single good advice in existence,
only stuff you are comfortable listening to,
you wanna believe it, you hear it, and you take it.

If you have any problem, like, ANY problem, you simply ask yourself first,
"What I really want to hear about this?"
and then start asking around.
When you hear it, you're done.
If you don't, you ask more.

Eventually, when you have a REAL problem,
which in 99.998% cases you already know the answer,
but you refuse to take action because it's simply not the thing you really wanna go with.
Again, it's 99.998% statistically.

So what to do? Instead of looking for answers, you start looking for PEOPLE.
In the end, you will listen to that certain people saying the exact same thing you parents or your friends told you million times.
You just don't want to believe your parents or your friends.
You just have to hear it from that certain people.

I'm not sure the reason behind it.
That certain people must be so very damn special.

Most of the times, you don't even need any advice or answers.
You already knew them all.
You just don't hear it from that certain people yet.
Hence, the questioning.

And that's why dear,
You will NEVER stop questioning the answers you refuse to believe,
because that certain people won't always be there to parrot all the words you wanna hear.
You need to start listening to yourself more, maybe?

The truth is in here, not out there.

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