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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Unrecognized Me

No, I will not.
I will not change me
for you.

Why would I bother
changing what I posted on Facebook
making clever posts
talking about the latest issues
using proper grammar
meticulously checking my spelling
for you

I don't think I will
do anything anytime anywhere anyhow
for you

I wear the t-shirts I bought from a cheap bundle shop
I don't buy expensive perfumes
I cover my feet with slippers
I use my fingers to do my hair
I do stuff I like and comfortable with
Certainly for me and not
for you

If life is changing and I have to, too
maybe I will.
But never will I change a thing
for you

It is never for you
I am not born to impress you
I don't live up to the your expectation
As if you live up to mine
So which standard are you using to judge me
While I never do so
to you

Should I be apologizing
and saying that I am
sorry that I can't be the most perfect
to you


Would you mind recognizing
me and my love
for you

In the imperfect way of it was
As how it is and always will be
for You.

Aren't you, too?

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