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Friday, August 8, 2014


How many people out there are not comfortable being around people who they think might be better looking than themselves?

Insecurity much?

Because outer look is important. Sure we don't judge people by their appearance, or do we? We can't see through the heart. We usually see the face before hearing the talk because according to science, light travels faster than sound.

So it's either we born with the skin the world love, and we can feel accepted move around freely or we are given some kind of skin we think the world might hate, and we are bound to hate it too including ourselves. The question is, why must we be affected by it?

Maybe we forget about how a small thing can change everything. Yes, some people are born pretty but everyone can smile unless they are paralyzed. But still, a smile can come from within our hearts and the radiant will glow inside out anyway.

So what's the big deal again?

Ironically, she covered her face while saying that. LOL good message nonetheless.

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