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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dreaming dreams

Close your eyes and dream
Dream on as you live 
as dead man can't dream anymore

Dream, dream big or small
Dream about some, dream about all
Dream of climbing up or downfall
Dream. Just dream.

It doesn't matter
If you dream and it ends

You are not obliged to bring your dreams to reality
You may born a fish and you dream to climb a tree
Don't ever stop dreaming even if you are to die in the sea

For what's yours is your dreams
Let it be impossible as it seems

For the least of what you can't have in your life
You can dream and wait for it to arrive

Dream and talk about it and tell it to others
Let them hear your dream even if it is ridiculous
So what if you only dream and talk?
So who are they anyway to even mock?

If you want to dream and a man is telling you not to 
As he says that you can't do what you dreamed to do
You don't have to listen to whatever he says
Just go straight to him and spit on his face

Dream of heaven.
*Hello people of the night.

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