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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Saboteur

Do you know who is The Saboteur?
He who makes your life difficult.
He makes your friends hate you.
He makes you hate yourself.

That's what he does.
Had always been like that,
Since forever to eternity.

The Saboteur will make you think by being close to someone, you can open everything up.
The Saboteur then will make all those tales a weapon against you.
Before you know it, the people in the circle dies, one by one.

No he doesn't make you the killer.
He kills you with what you show and what you say.

But you are not gonna die. The Saboteur doesn't work like that.
He makes you suffer, which is more painful than death itself.

Living in the world, surrounded by people you hate, or people who hates you,
all because of The Saboteur, is like hell
But all is well,
The Saboteur will keep you company.

For as every time it ends, it begins.
You will meet new people.
And The Saboteur will work again.

You can't kill the Saboteur.
The Saboteur is in you.
But you may slap him across his face and force him to bow to you.
You wonder if you're strong enough.

Which you know it by yourself too well
You doubt it, don't you?
It's endless, too.

Some people call him Attitude.

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