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Saturday, September 20, 2014


Humans are born with spikes. Maybe not every single human has it, but certainly I do.

It's not huge but it's sharp enough to hurt. It hurts real bad. It is so severe that it can almost lethally injure people.

And the worst part is, the injuries inflicted by my spikes hurt me as well.


As human gets closer to each other, the spikes will start to show. At first it's just a normal sight of some spiky thingy around someone that will not hurt at all.

But once they reached a certain degree of closeness, the spikes start touching. The mere touch from the spikes might be shocking. No one would ever thought it hurts that much already. First time contact and it hurts a lot.

People's hearts are tied by a bond. This bond is going to get them closer by each second. And by each second the spikes pierce through the skin, and the hearts are hurt, cut deeper by each seconds.

Love ties everything together, but it breaks when the hearts die from the poison of the spikes. Hands are no longer held together. Humans break free. They grow apart. Further by a distance.

Only when the spikes numbs the heart, making it lives while being dead at the same time, because the love between the hearts is immortalizing what's inside, and it lingers on.

Spikes shall not severe the love blooming in the hearts.
Spikes make the hearts bloom even more.
Spikes hurt no more.
Spikes heal with time.
Spikes pushed people away.
Spikes pull them together again.


Spikes defined.

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