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Monday, September 15, 2014


We can listen
We can ALWAYS listen.

Just do so as much as we can.
It's good.
It's okay.

Whatever we might hear
We might like or despise
We can still listen
Nothing is wrong with that.

Remind ourselves about propagating
Things people might not like
Thing we might not like
Stuff that might results in something bad.

Let it propagate not
At least not from your mouth
Be it war unleashed from a spoken word propagated
God forbid it's uttered from you.

As much as a word can hurt
That damn propagated ominous syllables
Reaching ears from uncovered mouths
Sinful and bleeding.

Till the day it is silenced forever
Propagated words lingers
Carrying the evil deeds it did

And do so remember
It works the other way around
The reverse is true
As well.

Spread the love and thoughtful thoughts
Propagate the kind and the soothing voice
Let the pouring words heals the wound
Live on and on.

Say things in silence.

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