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Monday, September 29, 2014

Silence and the Crowd

Provided that,
everything else is perfectly safe and sound,
well might not be as perfect,
but at least seemingly fine.

Silence is the best companion to have,
she never judges you for not speaking out,
and you don't have to answer to calls,
being alone and left untouched,
by the searing hands.

Silence is a friend,
she is a sincere listener,
not going to ask a single thing,
not going to question your questioning,
Silence always listens.

Silence and the Crowd,
those two are not nemesis,
Crowd is not your enemy,
he is just different.

While everyone enjoys Crowds company,
Silence is always left behind,
thought of being alone and left out,

Through Crowd we learn to laugh,
Silence taught us to smile,
and be tough.

Hanging around with Silence,
people misunderstood,
He hates us, He doesn't want to be with us,
Let us go without Him, don't bother asking.

As the Crowd shall say nothing,
though he might be loud,
Silence's screams shatter,
His heart,
and the Crowd can never fix,
a single broken piece,
hurt by his voice,
deeper than His bones,
closer than His veins,
ringing in the ears,
Silence and the Crowd,
sings a harmony
that He and no one ever will,
listen to.

Silence cannot be misquoted.

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