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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Why persevere when we can just give up?
And stop struggling against the world.
There's something good coming out of it?

It's hard enough to breathe, let alone the filthy air
It's hard enough to appear, only to be judged and glared
It's hard enough to try, yet everyone just never care
It's hard enough to live, want to die but death's not there.

Well my dear,
Life serves different purposes.

Yours is yours as mine is mine
We shall learn from time to time
Everyday the sun will shine
But still why, we do whine?
The clouds still have their silver lines

I'll tell you from my opinion
As my feelings and yours are different

Separate lives see each other
And they are going to kill each other
So few who live together
Healing wounds of one and another
Sharing thoughts and let them tether
While some are left to suffer
With no one care to ponder
Why is that then, I wonder?

If your heart is pure
Then you just endure

All is gonna end
You'll be fine, my friend

Persevere, and live on.

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