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Friday, June 6, 2014

Spoken wrong written long

There are times, when it just came out, wrong?
And you feel like, how am I gonna fix this?

Is it requires fixing?
Or just move on, people makes mistake. Me included. You too. And them.

It may be involving a friend, or a lover, or family, or a teacher, or yourself.
Wrong as it may seems, it can be forgiven.
But it won't be forgotten.
That's what they told me, anyway.

Sorry my dear if it slipped out wrong.
I may not be thinking before saying it or writing it, or delivering the message, or simply showing things thought it might be cool, and funny, and stuff

Or might also just translate into an exaggerated expression of something nonexistent.

Seems to me, I was hurt a lot already that I forgot how to take things seriously so as to make it hurt less.
I thought it was same with everyone.
I might be wrong.

If it is, I'm sorry very much.
Or just ignore if I am overreacting and such.

Tongue tied. LOL

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