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Monday, June 16, 2014

The vicious circle

It's a circle,
A mean cycle.

Tonight I learn about the vicious cycle. The evil that continues on and on and on. Never cease.

Well, the story began with me, trying to get to the ground floor from the 6th floor when there is one retard that used the elevator before me pressed all the floors.

Of course, the elevator went slow mo like an old lady, stopping every now and then on every signle damn floors. I got infuriated. So I too, press all the buttons before stepping out.

And then, a lady goes in. I felt bad, and a bit scared. So I moved quicker leaving the apartment.

Come to think of it, nobody dies for stopping on every floor. So I justified that what I did was harmless. But it saddens me that, I, out of all people, am no different from the retard above.

And that's how folks, there is always bully cases and bullies in schools. These people never cease to exist, as they breed without no one ever noticing. They become exactly what they hate. They do to others exactly things they despise.

It's sad but I'm glad. At least now I know better about being patient against some retarded species that annoys the crap out of me, so that I don't be one.

Vicious cycles are endless, but the least we can do is detaching ourselves from those evil circles, and making no consequences coming out from us.

Om nom nom...

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