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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Pretty Liar

Oh look at the pretty liar,
spreading words all over.

Whispering to the ear,
what it wants to hear.

Deceiving the eye,
with what it desires.

Lies, lies, everywhere.
Lies, here and there.

Look at me,
I love those lies,
I admire them.

I put the lies under my lip,
and every second I take a sip,
of all the lies drip by drip.

I'm sinking deeper in this ship,
I can't get a single grip,
I'm starting to trip.

Yet here I am standing still,
not giving up the lies away.

My heart and conscience start to ill,
my soul starts to wither away.

Life, and all its lies. Death, and all it's truth

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