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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sea Them People

Remember when you swim in the sea of people
Sea of people you know
And now that they're gone and you wonder
You wonder where they go

You get back to the shore
You want to make sure
That you're in the right sea
Sea of people you know

Suddenly you know now
That you're somehow
At the wrong place to be

For a reason you might say
Why you cannot stay
And you have to walk away

Swim around find a new home
Sea them people
See who they are
Move on and discover

How does it feel drowned in a sea of new people?
And being left out by your own
You are not one of either of them

So now you know you're alone
You know you can still breathe
The air is a lot fresher, no?

It shouldn't take you long to realize
That the best companion you can ever have
Your best companion is indeed,


Why? Oh, you!

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