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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stupid things are stupid jokes for stupid people

Stupidity is something to laugh at, especially if it is someone else's.

While it is okay to occasionally laugh at something stupid, please be clear that to laugh at a stupid thing requires a lowering of intelligence down to that level of the stupidity.

It's not that bad. Just remember to raise the intelligence back to normal level so that we are practically immune to the same type of stupid jokes.

We make good laugh out of people who make fun out stupid things they do.

People make stupid noises, we laugh.
People do stupid things, we laugh.
People act with stupid actions, we laugh.

It's fine, honestly. But to give those stupid people too much attention, we are actually cultivating stupidity into ourselves and the society. We are appreciating stupid things more that we should.

We make stupid parody out of stupid things other people do. We think it's funny. It's actually funny how we think it's funny, because it is stupid from the beginning.

Stupid things go on and on because people are celebrating them. They don't deserve the precious attention. We can put stupid things to an end by halting it with a little intelligence to just laugh once or twice for appreciating the effort.

Then stop feeding it with attentions. Stop spreading. Stop sharing. Stop making new parodies.

Restore that intelligence.

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