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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Giving up

Sometimes I feel like giving up.

Because life seems too harsh on me now. It's like a Hard mode of a game on a console, with no Save options. Well, life is one way.

But hell, no. If I do wanna give up, why now? Seems like the injustice brought upon the whole world is not just starting from yesterday. It's already here like, since forever?

Then why now? If we are to giving the hell of everything up, why now?

We've been surviving every single day. Why must we give up now? Sure, living the three divine words of NEVER GIVE UP is harder than pronouncing it with the mouth. But then again, we are alive. Alive and kicking.

It feels so heavy to move on, but going back is not an option anyway. Why would you think the eyes are made in front? To look forward of course. This touching quote is from Nobita's sensei, which turns out to be not so touching after all according to Nobita's mother and Doraemon.

But anyway we can always sit down and lie on out back. Take time to stay still and silence. Stop for awhile. But never go back. Look back once in a while so that we don't forget who we were, who we are , and who will we be.

And keep on moving forward.

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