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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hear Hear

Do you remember how annoying it is, to have that friend of yours talking about every single thing every single time?

He or she always has something to say about everything.

And then, he or she just let it out, pouring words out from the mouth like a torrent.

With the advancement of technology, where people don't even say things anymore, but that friend of yours doesn't change at all.

In addition to the nonstop talking, now he or she just went ahead another level and be noisy in the social medias as well.

And you just say...

Why don't you care? 

Nobody is gonna listen to what you say! STFU!

Things like that.

Take a moment and think about all the problems in the world, where some people feel like they are neglected, unnoticed, invisible.

Some idle words are idle.
Some other words are meant for something.
Some are asking for favors.
Some are telling stories.
Some are trying to share their feelings.
Some are asking for help.

But when they try to reach out, they are told to shut it up.

Because nobody is going to listen.

Isn't that the real problem?

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