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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ring of Fire

We want to be unshackled,
we want to run anywhere our heart desires,
unbound by law and be free.

Yet we never know the ring of fire,
all around us,
burning deadly.

We are at the center,
untouched by the fire,
where the grass is not burnt,
and the water is cold.

We break through the gates,
that holds us in,
in the name of liberation,
we march ahead.

The direction is not clear,
we have never been here,
we believe we can find our way,
but lost further astray.

We despise safety that much,
we throw it away and we run away from it,
towards the ring of fire.

And when we step into the ring of fire,
we taste the overwhelming heat,
the excitement of burning desire,
reduces us to tiny bits.

Because we love the cheers that we get from running towards the fire.

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