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Monday, January 19, 2015

Good Nights

It's been a while, people.

Many nights passed unwritten. I was rather unwell lately.
Now is the time when I feel like writing nonsense shit instead of something to ponder.
Well, night time hasn't always been graceful. Sometimes, all the things that hurt come rushing at times like this.

We hurt, we heal.

There are many things left unsaid, as saying things might not be the rightest thing to do now.
I am torn apart between doing something right or doing something I want.
My heart knows some of the things I know wrong, but it wants them.
Damn heart.

Not sure if I really choose to be like this, or am damned to be like this by my own fault.
Is it wrong to be?
Maybe, perhaps, it's possible.

We want to be what we want to be. Be it right or wrong.
It's wrong to be wrong though we can't tell for sure how to set apart between both.

What if I choose to be wrong, doing wrong things, making the wrong decision as you say, or they say.
If I think it is right, would it still be up to myself to choose?

My conscience says, let the upper Hand decides.
Ask. Him.

Most of the time I feel like I wronged Him.
But all the time I know he would be understanding, or so I say.
The only comfort I can have is to know by heart that I am loved.

Who can take my hand I don't outstretch?

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