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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's how we see it?

I hate the colour blue. So whenever the weather is bright, and the sky is just damn blue, I will rage away.

Or maybe if I do like the colour blue, I'll be happy to fly above the cloud nine, ten, or eleven. Just to enjoy the vast blue ethereal carpet that I am supposed to step on when I am lying down on the ground with my feet up, pretending that I am walking on air.

So the wishes are genuine, when they know it while you hide it? Well, I don't know. I hope there's still a space for me in your heart. Or at least don't tell me I don't give enough care for you because I don't know something you don't really share.

I don't dig stuff. And I won't.

Therefore I will happen to be just fine not wishing you this. Because the way I see it, might be different than yours.

Anyway, we never actually see eye to eye. I take it as a yes from you. Be happy, my friend. Just ignore this and we'll both be fine.

Ahhh, quite a long post. is this a good sign or what? Just wait for someone to notice the dreadful errors. I won't even double check. Bye.

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